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When I have a clock movement on the test stand, one of the things that I check is if the weights are dropping evenly. This can indicate a chime or strike problem if one or the other is considerably lower/higher. I would check the clock to see if it actually strikes correctly at the 11, 12, 1 O'clock hours.

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Jul 15, 2009 · WHY I ANSWER CUCKOO QUESTIONS I don’t mind helping one bit. I needed extra income and my physical condition got to where I couldn’t make house calls on clocks and I couldn’t reach up and remove a grandfather clock movement any more. So I was down on my knees praying for a solution and one was made available to me on the internet. Don’t want to move the big stuff yourself? We can ship bigger items, like a pool table, grandfather clock or even a motorcycle. Most of our locations can provide a choice of competitively priced freight services for your shipment, no matter how large or heavy. Only The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts can offer you the Pack & Ship Guarantee.

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Every tick or tock of the clock lets the weight drop by a fraction of a millimeter. In fact it takes around 2 days for the weight to fall to the ground. With the clocks that you see here, they all have the same gear ratios. Galleria Furniture : Motion Upholstery - Living Room Dining Room Rustic Youth Bedroom Mattresses Accents Home Office Recreation discounted furniture in dallas, living room sets in arlington, discounted bedroom sets in texas, rustic style furniture contemporary style living room sets, mattress sets in dallas, inexpensive furniture, furniture retail store in dallas grandfather clock woodworking plans nightstand 😾Woodworker'S Journal. Locate the weight close to the edge and it will settle there quickly. Locate it close to the center and the wheel will rotate much more slowly, farther and it will take longer to settle down.

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In many instances the service is drop off and delivery, for instance with a mantle or carriage clock repair. Grandfather clocks or other fixed or large clocks can be repaired where they stand. If you prefer I can also work on smaller clocks at your home rather than provide the collect and deliver service. Feb 17, 2017 · These weights slowly drop as their energy powers the clock. If the weights drop all the way to the bottom of their chain or cable, the clock will stop. Most clocks need winding every seven days or so. Some newer grandfather clocks are battery operated, and the weights are purely for decoration.